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Peace: Planning an Alternatives Fair


Cover for the Alternatives Fair manual

Excited by the prospect of the Alternatives Fair?  Think your own community would benefit from having a fair?  If you have some clever, creative ideas of your own on how to make a life after high school, then you can plan your own alternatives fair!  Below are resources related to the planning of the fair.  The manual describes how we planned this fair.  It has information on the partnerships we’ve formed, the steps we’ve taken, the timeline we used to plan everything, and other resources like sample press releases.  You can adapt this material for your


Cover for the Alternatives Fair manual

Second Annual Alternatives Fair

As part of our commitment to providing alternatives to military service supporting themselves in meaningful ways, AFSC has been proud to sponsor the second annual Take Charge of Your Future Alternatives Fair!  This year we had the privilege of using space in the Central Library in downtown Greensboro.  It all happened Friday, April 9th, from 3 PM to 7PM.  We had some exciting people come.  Many told us about how they started their own businesses, or about exciting opportunities to do alternative service.

counter recuitment youth

Youth at counter recruitment conference

Youth at Counter Recruitment Conference.

EWO resources for teachers and youth

The following resources may be useful to teachers and youth attending the Eyes Wide Open exhibit or when preparing to deal with recruiters.

EWO High School Curriculum

A quick guide to creating a lesson and activities in connection with the Eyes Wide Open and Cost of War exhibits.

Tienes Suficiente Informacion Para Registrarte?

A trifold pamphlet asking questions of potentially unsuspecting youth (in Spanish). Un follleto con preguntas potenciales para reclutas militares.

Do You Know Enough To Enlist (English)

A trifold pamphlet asking questions of potentially unsuspecting youth (in English).

Developing Community Memorials for the Fallen in Iraq

A guide to developing community memorials for the fallen in Iraq.

"As the Iraq war continues, communities are looking for ways to highlight the human cost of this war. Below are some suggestions from groups around the country who have organized local events and memorials. Share with us the outcome of your event to keep the chain for peace going."

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