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Community garden growing in Appalachia

With help from Sandy Spring Friends School in Maryland, our youth leaders in Logan County, WV have planted seeds and seedlings in the community garden this spring.  So far chard, beets, carrots, peas, herbs, and mustard greens are flourishing, with more planting coming soon!

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Celebrate Spring and Local Food with AFSC-SENE!

Friday, April 25, 2014 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm

baby lettuce

baby lettuce

baby lettuce

Spring and gardens and food!

Of bluebirds, gardens and security

spring garden

spring garden

Spring garden

After days of snow, and after waiting all winter -  three female Eastern Bluebirds arrived at my bird feeders this morning.  I jumped up from my desk to put out their favorite food.  I was spoiled last winter when as many as seven of them would visit almost every day.  They are social little balls of fluff, coming to the feeder as soon as I put food out and not moving when I move the curtain or door to chase off the squirrels.  It is a delight to have them back.  For some reason they make me hopeful that spring actually will come in due time.  

Youth trained to become junior master gardeners

While visiting West Virginia State University, BAPS youth leadership group also had the opportunity to participate in the Junior Master Gardening workshop with WVSU Extension Office. At the training we learned how to conduct hands-on learning activities for teaching gardening knowledge and skills to people young and old alike. We will use what we learned to conduct our own trainings in the community garden this summer.  

Community Garden Grows in Logan

During a week in March 2012, students from the Appalachian Center for Equality's mentoring program at Logan High School and students from  Sandy Spring Friends School worked together tilling the soil, weeding the beds, and planting and watering seeds.  Young children from the Head Start program at Logan PRIDE Community Service visited the garden and were taught by the high school students how to garden.

ACE Program Brochure 2012


Logan, WV
United States

Urban Gardens: Alternatives to Corporate Agriculture

DURHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE --- Twenty families with rooftop gardens may not sound like a lot, but when they are part of a rising social movement they can shake Mexico and the global corporate food system.  That was the message from Kiado Cruz, a community organizer from Oaxaca, Mexico, who finished his 3-week New England tour in Durham, New Hampshire on October 29.  

kiado cruz

Kiado Cruz

Kiado Cruz, of the Autonomous Network for Food Sovereignty, Oaxaca, Mexico

Cultivating Peace, One Garden at a Time

Friday, October 29, 2010 - 6:00pm

Kiado Cruz, a community organizer from Oaxaca, Mexico, will discuss the use of community gardens to promote sustainable development and support the rediscovery of cultural food roots in indigenous communities.  The event will include a meal provided by the sponsoring organizations, and will raise funds to support Kiado Cruz's organization, the Autonomous Network for Food Sovereignty.  His New England tour is sponsored by Witness for Peace.  Parking is available at "C" Lot and in downtown Du

Greenhouse Harvest Exceeded All Expectations

On August 25, 2010, the final cucumber harvest took place in the 360 m2 greenhouse within the community garden MALA BAŠTA at tached to the CGA Resource Center. Mirsad Alađuz, Nazif Smajić and Šerif Puteša led the greenhouse production this year. It is a great satisfaction for the
greenhouse leaders and gardeners, and tremendous joy to the CGA, to have harvest of those proportions. According to agricultural experts, the cucumber harvest was extraordinary this year, and it exceeded all expectations.

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