Communities of Learning

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Shared Learning

Each circle that forms a community of learning shares their knowledge and experience as part of the process.  AFSC collects that shared learning to help build a larger basket of experiences.  This basket will form the basis of future work, and helps the ideas spread and grow.

Shared Learning from the April 24, 2012 Circle

  • I was reminded that sometimes it is enough, “To do the next right thing.”
  • We have to heal ourselves and make sure that we are in a place where we can give that out.
  • I am still digesting.
  • Listening is coupled with a responsibility to act.
  • Love is the most important thing.
  • We are connected with each other and with a much broader community. We have the responsibility to share and see the love we can.
  • If we enhance inner peace, it helps us to be in a better place to be empowered.

Shared Learning from the April 20, 2012 Circle

  • This work that we do, it is really about transformation.
  • Everyone has ideas.
  • We already have self-determination. It is a part of us and cannot be separated from us.
  • Look in the mirror and see the love of God.
  • Working in community building on our relationships is a powerful recognition of our values.
  • This process of listening is a good way to really hear different voices.
  • I felt many things. I felt vulnerable and cared for and hopeful.

Community of Learning Background

In 2010 AFSC’s Healing Justice Programs in New England and New York held three gatherings to discuss the transition from “criminal justice” work to “healing justice” work.  We continue this work with listening project in the Northeast so that individuals and communities harmed by violence and the institutions of criminal justice will heal and transform that harm into wholeness.

Community of Learning on Healing Justice Practices

Community of Learning Brochure cover

Community of Learning

Dino Butler, former AFSC staff, offering tobacco and prayer for the work.

A community of learning is a group that comes together to share teachings, knowledge, understandings, abilities, and attitudes. Each member is a student and a teacher. A community of learning rests on a foundation of engagement, imagination, mutuality, and respect. AFSC’s Communities of Learning on Healing Justice is a growing project that will form many groups that will engage each other over time.

Learn more about how our program got started.

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