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Sharing Our Voices, Sharing Our Love in Boulder

By Gabriela Flora, Regional Project Voice Organizer, AFSC Colorado

This spring, AFSC was invited to show some of our digital stories from “Borders Lifted, Voices Raised” and provide background information on immigration issues to parents at a bilingual middle school in Boulder. The bilingual school has confronted racist threats to students recently.  The invitation to AFSC was part of a parent and administrative effort to raise consciousness about immigration issues.

Immigrant Stories Compel Action in Denver

By Jennifer Piper, Interfaith Organizing Director, AFSC Colorado Immigrant Rights Program

Denver Justice and Peace Center invited me to present and facilitate a workshop discussing how US foreign and domestic policies encourage immigration but punish immigrants with more drastic and inhumane enforcement. Fifty people attended the workshop and brainstormed together the root causes which compel people to leave their birth country. We examined the US government’s impact on trade policies, wars and discrimination abroad.

Listening to our Differences Around Immigration

By Jordan Garcia, Immigrant Ally Organizing Director, AFSC Colorado Immigrant Rights Program

In late January, Jennifer Piper of AFSC and I presented a Solidarity and Allyship Workshop for 40 people at the Unitarian Universalist (UU) “Social Change in a Multicultural World” gathering. The gathering hosted UU members from the Rocky Mountain and Desert Region.  We started out discussing a graphic depicting the “Web of Oppression” and the “Four I's of Oppression” (Ideological, Institutional, Interpersonal, and Internalized).

Just Friends: Students Consider the Challenges of Living Without Documentation

AFSC Colorado has recently been involved in several presentations and interactive workshops on immigration at Regis University in Denver.  Gabriela Flora, AFSC Project Voice Regional Organizer, was on a panel with our newest AFSC Colorado Area Program Committee member, Tania Valenzuela, one of two undocumented Regis students who shared their stories and challenged the university, students and community at large to become more involved.

Here is the link to the article on the panel that was on the front page of Regis’ weekly newspaper:

Jennifer Piper Discusses Children and Deportation on KGNU

Jennifer Piper, Interfaith Organizing Director for AFSC's Immigrants Rights Program in Denver, and Judith Marquez of Rights for All People, join host Claudia Cragg in discussing "The Children of Deportation" on KGNU radio. The show begins with two young people describing their situation.

Download mp3 file.

Colorado talk on immigration by Piper

This is a flyer for a March 27, 2011 presentation by Jennifer Piper calling for people of faith to take action on immigration.

Time For Faith Based Action on Immigration

Sunday, March 27, 2011 - 6:30pm

Jennifer Piper 4-19-10

Jennifer Piper addresses press conference.

Jennifer Piper of AFSC addresses a press conference.


With Jennifer Piper, Program Director for Interfaith Organizing, Immigrant Rights Program, AFSC Colorado Area Office

Dialogue allows people to bring fundamentally different assumptions to the table, and helps to create an atmosphere in which a group uses the richness of each person’s view to reach a place of new understanding.

Monthly Vigil and Protest of Immigrant Detention

Monday, December 6, 2010 - 6:00pm

In front of the GEO Immigrant Detention Center.


Bring signs & noise makers or instruments, make our resistance heard! For more info, Jennifer Piper at 303-623-3464.

The Fast Way to Solidarity

By Jennifer Piper, AFSC Colorado Interfaith Organizing Director

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