Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks in NH

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke at a Republican fundraiser in Nashua, N.H., on his efforts to give local authorities power to enforce immigration laws. The AFSC's Maggie Fogarty weighs in.

Prison and Profit in Arizona

Part 1: Lack of AZ laws allow for-profit prisons to stay quiet about inmates.
AFSC's Caroline Isaacs weighs in.

Part 2: Lobbyists tie AZ Gov. Brewer to for-profit prisons, immigrant detention.

AZ arrests Lady Liberty July 29 2010 Charlotte NC

Arizona arrests Lady Liberty in Charlotte, NC street theater performance

AFSC works nationwide to support immigrants in Arizona

Since the passage of Arizona's, the anti-immigration law, AFSC has organized events across the country in response.

As the law went into effect last week, we organized 11 events in seven locations from Massachusetts to Oregon. We have over two dozen media hits, including NPR, Univision’s national coverage, local tv and cable news stations in San Diego, Boston and Providence and talk radio in Philadelphia and New York.

NC actions opposing Arizona Law

NC protests Arizona’s racial profiling bill SB 1070 on July 29

North Carolinians stepped up to express their opposition to Arizona’s racial profiling law on July 29, the day that controversial SB 1070 was set to be implemented.  AFSC supported actions in three NC cities: Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh. Read on for descriptions and press coverage of each event.

NPR features AFSC work in Colorado

Fears of Arizona law drive immigrants to Colorado. Read the story. 

Judge blocks key parts of Arizona’s immigration law

sb1070 press conference

Press conference AFSC organized with our partners

Press conference AFSC organized with our partners to protest the Arizona bill and law enforcement action.

Today, U.S. Judge Susan Bolton temporarily blocked the most dangerous components of SB 1070, Arizona’s racial profiling law. The American Friends Service Committee continues to believe that SB 1070 is immoral and unconstitutional. Judge Bolton’s injunction on SB 1070 is a clear indication that the infamous law is misguided.

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