Arizona Private Prison Report

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State of Washington resources

Resources from the state of Washington concerning prisoners sent to private prisons in Arizona.

Private Prisons: The Public's Problem Report, Press Conference

Download or Listen to the telephone press conference held on February 15, 2012 at the office of the Phenox Arizona ACLU. 


  • AZ State Rep. Chad Campbell
  • King Downing, AFSC Healing Justice Program Analyst
  • Caroline Issacs, Director of AFSC Arizona Program
  • Dante Gordon, Former Inmate at Kingman

Running Time: 29 minutes

ICE Detainee Deaths 2003-2011

A list of detainee deaths in ICE custody from around the country.

Influence of Private Prisons

A brief by Detention Watch Network on the influence of private prison corporations on the immigration detention business.

ICE private prison resources

Resources about U.S. Immingration and Customs Enforcement use of private prisons.

Eloy Detention Center

A 2008 inspection of the Eloy Detention Center by ICE.

Sentencing Project Too Good to Be True

A 2012 report by the Sentencing Project on prison privatization, covering the growth of prison privatization and examining cost savings, performance, and influence of the industry.

Prisoners in 2010

A Bureau of Justice Statistics report on prisoners in state and federal prisons.  It covers prison population declines, offenses, and privatization.

Emerging Issues on Privatized Prisons

A 2001 report from the Bureau of Justice Assistance on the growth and future prospects of prison privatization.

National private prison issues

Supporting materials for the Private Prisons: the Public's Problem covering nation-wide issues.

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