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Horses, cows, and Typhus: Quaker work in Poland after World War I

In 1919, the new Polish government asked members of the Religious Society of Friends to help stop an outbreak of typhus. The epidemic was caused by refugees who brought it with them when they returned to claim their farmland after World War I. During the war, many farmers and villagers had hastily evacuated the countryside when Germans advanced into the area, devastating large parts and turning them into battlefields. The people who owned the land had fled to the east to parts of Russia.

Warmth and sweetness: the beginnings of a postwar feeding program in Germany

Dog cart for German feeding program

Dog cart for German feeding program

Dog cart with supplies for the feeding program

Hunger and malnutrition haunted Germany after World War I. Quakers had been aware of the problem for several years, building relationships and investigating the situation, so in 1920 Hoover asked AFSC to carry out his feeding program.

Origin of the American Friends Service Committee

Haverford Emergency Unit 1917

Haverford Emergency Unit 1917

Haverford Emergency Unit training in 1917

Friends founded AFSC as they looked ahead to an approaching crisis related to WWI and a chaotic system for religious objectors to war.

Archives - AFSC Historical Timeline

Work on behalf of conscientious objectors; reconstruction work in France; planning of major relief work undertaken later in Germany.
Russia;work on behalf of conscientious objectors.
Continued relief work in Europe; peace efforts in the United States.
Programs in Appalachia; relief project during the Spanish Civil War; assistance to Jewish and other European refugees; Emergency Peace Campaign in the United States.
Assistance to Japanese-Americans relocated during WWII; r

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