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Acting in Faith

Acting in Faith

Black Lives Matter
Acting in Faith  |  By Lucy Duncan, Dec 30, 2014

Spirit uprising: a poem

CAT Committee at UN Geneva
Acting in Faith  |  By Bonnie Kerness & Lia Lindsey, Dec 2, 2014

From Prison Walls to the United Nations

Gun violence prevention mural in Brooklyn
Acting in Faith  |  By Madeline Smith-Gibbs, Nov 20, 2014

Healing, not harm: An interview with AFSC's Lewis Webb

Acting in Faith  |  By Lucy Duncan, Nov 14, 2014

Organizing with the Spirit

Protesters in Ferguson
Acting in Faith  |  By Liz Oppenheimer, Oct 30, 2014

Reflections after Ferguson October

Bassem Masri supports Ferguson
Acting in Faith  |  By Bassem Masri , Oct 28, 2014

In Ferguson, I am reminded of Palestine


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