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Acting in Faith

Acting in Faith

Acting in Faith  |  By Madeline Schaefer, Jun 28, 2013

From the inside, out: Transforming Baltimore prisons

Acting in Faith podcast: Calling forth the goodness, Episode 4

Calling Forth the Goodness is a podcast series produced through AFSC's Friends relations blog, Acting in Faith. It features the voices of communities that work together to create change.

In this episode, "From the inside out," Madeline sits down with participants in AFSC's Friend of a Friend mentoring program that works in Baltimore prisons. The program teaches skills in nonviolent communication and conflict resolution, while empowering men to advocate for change both inside and outside of the prison walls.

Produced by Madeline Schaefer. Music by Quakers.

Acting in Faith  |  By Tai Amri Spann Wilson, Jun 27, 2013

‘Tis a gift to be free: A sermon on simplicity

Empty Chair
Acting in Faith  |  By Aarati Kasturirangan, Jun 25, 2013

The empty chair: Bringing love into the room


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