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Comments at Manning Rally by Ira Harritt

Comments at Manning Rally by Ira Harritt

KC Program Coordinator, Ira Harritt, at Rally for Bradley Manning.

Photo: AFSC / Mike Murphy

Ira Harritt, KC Program Coordinator, spoke at the “Rally for Bradley” in support of Manning’s human and civil rights and status as whistleblower. Harritt spoke to the larger context of  Manning imprisonment stating: "We, not the terrorists, not an enemy out there, have destroyed too much of what we value in America. It has long been recognized that the first casualty of war is the truth and this is being acted out on a daily basis. Too many lies, too many secrets and too much misinformation have been foisted upon the American public in the pursuit of war."

Audio courtesty of Mike Murphy, KKFI Community Radio


(Correction / clarification to  Ira Harritt's comments: Charges have been filed against Bradley Manning. However, as of the June 4th, 2011 he has not  had an Article 32 hearing, which in the military is comparable to a grand jury proceedings. An Article 32 hearing is designed to be a thorough and impartial investigation of charges and specifications and is required to be completed before Manning could be referred to a court-martial.)