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Tell Congress They Must Cut Military Spending

Tell Congress They Must Cut Military Spending

Dear Friend,

Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl want to cut federal jobs so that the Pentagon can keep growing.

Don't let them do it.

Under last year’s deficit deal, military and domestic programs are supposed to be cut equally over the next ten years. Already this agreement would disproportionately affect domestic programs, as the military budget has doubled since 2001, not even including the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Now these two lawmakers are trying to undo the deal in an attempt to stop cuts to military spending. Their bill, called the "Down Payment to Protect National Security Act of 2012,” stops all mandatory cuts to the defense budget and some but not all domestic programs. They want to instead cut the federal workforce and freeze pay for federal workers.

With 60 percent of our federal discretionary spending going to the military, any plan to reduce the deficit must include cuts to military spending.

Sadly certain members of Congress are bent on creating a choice between dominating the world and rebuilding our economy: the Pentagon or us.

Join AFSC and other groups around the country to help Congress make the right choice

1. Write your Senators and Representative. Tell them to speak out for real military spending cuts and real increases on domestic spending.

2. Write a letter to the editor. Make sure others in your community think about the choices we are facing as a country.

And please forward this to everyone you can

Wage peace,
Peter Lems and Mary Zerkel