On February 26th, youth participants of the Appalachian Center for Equality's leadership group will participate in Kids and Families Day at the State Capitol.  We will have breakfast at the Governor's Mansion where House Speaker Rick Thompson will talk about his personal experience living in poverty as a child.  One of our youth spokepersons, Jasmine Murphy (10th grade) will be one of the speakers at the Opening Ceremony in the Lower Rotunda where she will talk about her experience growing up with a parent in prison and the need for investment in job training, drug treatment, and education.  Part of the leadership group will be on the Floor of the House of Delegates to receive the Resolution in support of Kids and Families Day and child poverty efforts, while the rest of the group will meet with the Governor's staff along with other social justice advocates. Finally the youth leaders will meet with their local delegation as well as with the Director of the newly established Herb Henderson Office of Minority Affairs.