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Help keep Iraq withdrawal going

Help keep Iraq withdrawal going


The last U.S. mobile combat convoy left Iraq. By the end of the month, the remaining combat forces will also leave the country. This puts the Obama administration on track to reduce the U.S. troop level to 50,000 by August 31.

This is an important step, but does not by itself end the occupation of Iraq.

The Administration vowed to complete Iraq’s occupation by December 31, 2011. Join us and write a letter to your local paper to remind the White House of its promise of a total military withdrawal.

The U.S. agreed to completely remove all troops, contractors and bases in the bilateral security agreement it signed in 2008 with the Iraqi government. We must honor that commitment.

For 20 years, Iraq has been in a state of war, under sanctions and/or occupation. Millions of Iraqis have been killed, injured, traumatized, displaced or forced to flee and live as refugees. Access to health care and clean water is scarce. The education system is not available to many, and oil production - the engine of the economy - is just returning to pre- 2003 war levels. Iraq’s government continues to struggle with corruption and factional infighting.

Yet prolonging the war and occupation, as some in Washington are arguing for, will only exacerbate these challenges.

When we started our "Countdown to Withdrawal" campaign shortly after President Obama took office, we were 1,000 days away from the deadline. Now, we are half way there. Now’s the time to remind your neighbors that we promised to leave by December 2011.