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A Call to Move the Money

A Call to Move the Money

Dear Community Leader,

Let’s face it. The U.S. economy is in bad shape.

Too many members of our community are suffering while Congress is debating ideological issues that are beside the point. Federal and State government budget cutting is creating more unemployment, providing less help for people hit by job loss or illness and making the economic recession worse.

While in the long run, we must control spending and create equitable revenue and tax policies, in the present we need to help community members avoid poverty and homelessness and to create new jobs that enable people to earn a living wage. In these ways we can end the economic recession.

Hope lies in investing in our communities and in our future: in education for our children; in new technologies and job creating programs for working people; in renewable energy for our energy needs; in neighborhood services and development…

Too much of our tax dollars is being misdirected. Every minute, the United States government spends $2.1 million on the military expenditures (over $1.1billion was spent on military related outlays in 2010). 60% of the President’s proposed FY 2012 federal discretionary budget will go to wars and excessive military programs. This spending does not make us more secure. It is driven more by politics than security needs – it, in fact, includes programs the Pentagon itself does not want.

We invite you to join with us and others across the country in a Move the Money Campaign:

●     Pass a resolution in your organization asking Congress and the President to fund human and community needs and job creation and to cut military spending and waste.  (Click here to see a model resolution and/or schedule a volunteer to make a presentation to your board or group.)

●     Participate on a local planning committee to organize community education and advocacy campaign, to get other organizations involved and to get more people to speak out for federal budget priorities which serve our community’s needs.

●     Pass this information on to other groups and individuals who might be interested in learning more or taking action.

Thank you for your service to our community.


Ira Harritt, Program Coordinator, American Friends Service Committee

816 931-5252 or